Tom Caune’s 30 years of investigative experience

Not many professionals, in any industry, amass 30 years of experience. Tom Caune, however, has cultivated three decades of investigative work since beginning his career. An expert in the field, Caune has served as a corporate investigator, a director of loss prevention and a law enforcement officer, among his numerous roles.

His education has aided these 30 years of investigative work immensely. A graduate of Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, N.C., Caune acquired his associates degree in police science. He continued studying within the field at the small, private, Misenheimer, N.C., school of Pfeiffer University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice. These educational pursuits have only contributed a wealth of knowledge to his in-the-field work, learning immensely on the job in addition to the gained details of the collegiate environment.

In his 30 years of work, Caune has conducted thousands of investigations across his various titled positions. Also contributing to his knowledge base are multiple licenses, all earned through additional studies, and many of which are valid across several states. Some of those licenses include an alarm license, private investigation license, security guard and patrol license, and electronic counter measure license. Caune is also a licensed lie detection examiner, able to provide this vital testing tactic to individuals across numerous states as needed.

Tom Caune Has the Necessary Skills to Serve and Protect

Tom Caune is a man who understands the many benefits of education, licensing and skills. He is willing to do the work to make sure he is doing the job of protecting and serving in the most efficient and effective way. This is what makes his thirty plus years of service in the law enforcement industry all the more impressive.

Starting with his Associate’s Degree in Police Science from Central Piedmont Community College and continuing on to graduate from Pfeiffer University with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice, Tom Caune was consistently affirmed that he was in the right field. His passion for helping people and seeing justice served has fueled him to continually challenge himself both academically and professionally. He does not settle, but always works to ensure his licensing and knowledge base is up to the high standards of the law enforcement industry. He has even gone above and beyond the educational standards by obtaining certifications in both lie detection examination and electronic countermeasures.

Tom Caune has maintained a multitude of licensing in different states including but not limited to private investigation, alarm licensing, security guard licensing and patrol licensing. Being able to serve his community is a joy to him and he takes great pride in his dedication to the work. When Tom Caune is not working, he is a proud husband and father of four wonderful kids.

Tom Caune Is A Private Investigator

There are plenty of people who claim to be private investigators but are mostly just lazy individuals who have a P.I. License. This does not describe Tom Caune. He is a former law enforcement officer who has more than thirty years of experience with investigations. He always took his responsibility to improve his powers of investigation seriously because this was a major part of his career and a key part of his responsibility to his clients. Tom Caune has used these skills throughout his professional career, regardless of what position he held.

Tom Caune worked as a private investigator for many years. He obtained a range of licenses he needed in order to be an effective private investigator, including his P.I. License in multiple states and alarm license in several states. In a number of states, he has also worked to obtain his security guard and patrol licenses. Additionally, he worked to get his lie detection examiner license because this became an important part of his career as well. Tom Caune has actively sought out different ways to bolster his professional training and improve upon his investigatory skills.

Tom Caune is a graduate of Pfeiffer University, having obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. Before that he attended Central Piedmont Community College, attaining his Associates Degree. For a time, Tom Caune also served as a Director of Loss Prevention.